£35,412 Profit In 2017 & Still Goin Strong With £4,869 In The First 6 Weeks Of 2018!!


"Profiting From Horses Is SIMPLE When You Do It Right"

Dear Friend,

"I made £35,412 is 2017 and after just 7 weeks of 2018 I'm up another £4,869.00"

Hi my name is Ken and what a lot of tipsters will not tell you that it takes not only winning picks, but a strategy that suits your style of picks to enable you to ensure profit.

The bookies want you to lose and they don't make it easy for us to make a profit.

This is where my Value Betting comes into play.

Now there is no set rule on what makes a "value" bet and a lot of tipsters and punters alike think of it as a bit of a throw away bet.

- Oh I'll stick £10 on this horse at 10/1 or better because its worth the risk. I'll get over £100 back if it wins.

Some Punters think the same way, they spray and pray with their selections picking just high odds and then crossing their fingers.

I don't!

"Like I said I have a strategy and it revolves around winning each day"

I will back high odds horses but only if I have coverage from my strategy and other picks and most importantly only if I think that horse is going to win that race 100%.

If I have any doubt in a horse, I do not recommend the bet.

Of course me being 100% confident doesn't lead to 100% winners.

It would be lovely if it did and I'd already be on a beach somewhere getting mojito's flown in from my private helicopter.

So its time to set your exceptions to the level they need to be at to succeed.

- Winning every bet isn't going to happen.
- Winning every day isn't going to happen.

"But I do win more days than I lose!"

That is the power of my strategy and picks combined.

More winning days than losing days.

So for example, each week would be at least 4 winning days from 7 and each month would be at least 16 winning days from 30.

Sometimes these work out a lot more than that too.

Of course it would be perfect if I could guarantee that each week or month but I can't, those are examples, every so often we'll have poor runs, which might mean no winning days for a week. its never gone beyond that, but also bring in the weeks where every single day is a winning day.

"My guarantee to you is MORE WINNING DAYS than losing ones over the year!"

If you understand that there will be losing runs and running runs from day 1 and follow the strategy then you too could be looking at £30,000+ profit per year taken straight out of the pockets of the bookies.

So how do I get more winning days than losing days?

It comes down to my interpretation of value.

To me a value bet is any bet that when it wins will guarantee me profit on the day.

My goal, to make profit every day. But I settle for profit more days than not.

I start by shortlisting all my picks for the day. The important thing is these are all the picks that I think are going to win 100%. I automatically discard the favourites, they don't even make the shortlist.

But I make these selections without looking at the odds (with the exception of identifying the favourites).

Once I have my shortlist, it could be between 3-12 bets.

I look at the bets again and rate then in order of most likely to win, this can be a difficult task for me as for them to make the shortlist in the first place I have to have every confidence in them to win that race.

Here I look at horses which "could" cause an upset to my selections and I end with a list of picks in order.

"Don't worry, I'm never going to send you 12 bets on a given day"

I cap my maximum bets at 5. This way I can invest more of my bank in each selection, rather than spreading it over more bets.

Less is more when it comes to value betting and all I need with my strategy is one win to guarantee profit.

I start at the top of the shortlist and list the best odds I can get on that horse next to each one.

Say by best horse of the day is priced at 4/1, that means I look at the top 4 on the list and if all are priced over 4/1, I have my 4 selections for the day.

Why? Well one win at 4/1 would return 5pts, 4pts profit +1pt stake and if I back 4 horses at level stakes, I am guaranteed 1pt profit with just one winner that day.

Now there are times where one of the top 4 horses maybe priced at 3/1, so I would look at 2 options here.

Cut the horse priced at 3/1 if the next horse (horse 5) in the list meets the required odds criteria, or the alternative would be to back the 3/1 horse and cut the 4th selection, meaning it was a 3 bet day with the min odds of 3/1 on the day.

If this sounds complex, don't worry, this is all work I do behind the scenes.

What you will get is...

- A list of selections to back with the bookie where you can get the best odds on the horses.

- A list of selections that made the shortlist that day (I do not recommend backing these) but they are given so you can see the process at work for yourself.

All you have to do to make profit is copy the selections and place the bets.

One huge advantage to my method is that any winner will feel like a winner, it will guarantee profit for that day of betting. No more landing 2 winners on a day and still ending up worse than when you started it.

"But another advantage is that you only need a 30pt starting bank."

- To bet at £50 per point you would only need a £1,500 total bank or £3,000 to bet at £100 per point.

- A lot of services I see, recommend a £1,000 or £1,500 bank to bet at £10 per point.

All I can say is that these tipsters must not pick very many winners and not have a lot of trust in their own selection methods.

100pt or 150pt betting banks are only run my tipsters who want to keep you on board when you are losing!

They'll tell you that you're only half way through your bank and that is why its there.

But if they have that sort of losing streaks are they really a tipster you want to join?

My service runs with a 30pt bank.

A bank is important as there will be losing runs, but if these go on any longer than 20pts then there is something really wrong with the selection method the tipster is using.

30pts is more then enough, trust me, we'll be adding to that soon enough and it'll not be long until you have a 100pt bank and 70pts of it will be pure profit.

"How much can you make from this method?"

Well as you have seen I made £35,412 profit last year.

As I have already stated that was to £100 level stake bets.

It works out at 354.12pts profit over the year.

So if you bet:

  • £10 per point you would make £3,541.20
  • £25 per point you would make £8,853.00
  • £50 per point you would make £17,706.00

or again £100 like me would net you £35,412.00 profit last year.

First 100 new members to join only...

Pay £9.95 for your first month, and then ONLY £19.95 per month afterwards.



If you have any questions about my service, please feel free to email me on questions@valuebethunter.com



Thanks for reading,

Ken Clarke

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